The Benefits of Yoga

Fitness yoga woman stretching abdominal stomach muscles in cobra

Even thought it feels like yoga is “the new thing”, yoga is been around since ancient times for more than 5,000 years. Yoga means “to join” and it’s purpose is exactly that. This very popular practice joins the fitness of the body, mind and spirit giving us a winning combination for all around holistic well being.

By practicing yoga you may experience many benefits, this genius combo of postures, balance and stretches along with breathing techniques and meditation, is a wellnes recipe that benefits every part of us.

One of the benefits you will definitely experience if you practice yoga regularly will be weight loss, of course any physical activity if practiced regularly will lead to loosing some weight, but yoga requires full consciousness in order to keep balance into the posses and stretches, this practice of consciousness will result in an increase of awareness, therefore helping you become more sensitive about the sensations in your body and ultimately allowing you to be more concise with what you eat.

Stress relief is another important benefit that you will experience through the stretching relaxing the muscles, the breathing exercises will relax the mind and the meditation will awaken your spirit.  Regular yoga practice will always be incorporated with meditation, which will lead to profound inner peace, this practice of awareness supports the habit of living in the present automatically sustaining the inmune system, releasing anxiety and leading us to become happier, to have more energy, to have better relationships and it will also vivify your intuition.

This wonderful synthesis of exercises will fundamentally create a balance in our health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sounds like a winner!





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