Globe Concept Of Idyllic Green World
The environmentally friendly, healthy, non-toxic, 24 hour quality dry cleaning franchise is revolutionizing the industry and the world with its unique concept and growth. Riding the momentum worldwide, the franchise is negotiating and opening several stores at the moment. 
As we all know “IMITATION IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF FLATTER”. For the past 14 years OXXO has changed the old fashioned way to dry clean with its innovative concept. OXXO has been caring about our customers and the environment. This amazing franchise combines the healthy, non-toxic products, as GreenEarth, to clean your clothes with a quality and detailed hand ironing process along with a 24 hour ATM style pickup and drop off window. OXXO makes sure all of their stores use GreenEarth, not some, also all the garments cared for at OXXO are hand finished, again not some, and all their customers have access to the 24HR ATM, not just some selected customers with lockers. It’s nice to be flattered.
The dry cleaning franchise is taking a leap on becoming a leader to this revolution as they sponsor a Healthy Living web series to raise awareness of the healthy and conscious businesses around the world that share the same values of OXXO. What are these values you may ask? OXXO Care Cleaners is commited to finding new ways to preserve the environment and teach the community to be more conscious  in order to make better choices. OXXO focuses on using products that are healthy to your skin, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, basically “Kind to your clothes, healthy to the environment” or “Healthy green cleaning you can feel good about” as their slogan claims.
OXXO Care Cleaners offers franchise and are development opportunities. To learn more about OXXO visit http://www.oxxousa.com

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