ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM MSS? OXXO helps you discover the mystery from the Missing Sock Syndrome!

Many people are suffering from the misterios MSS, this is what we call Missing Sock Syndrome, shortly after learning how to do your own laundry  you started feeling puzzled about this mysterious syndrome. Most people believe that socks get lost in the clothes dryer. When a repairman visited one of our stores a few years ago, we heard a different theory. Socks and other small items, he said, sometimes get wrapped around the agitator’s support rod at the bottom of the washing machine.

At OXXO Care Cleaners we don’t usually clean socks so we do not suffer from MSS, but our repairman gave us a couple of tips to share with our customers, to prevent your socks from entering the Bermuda Triangle of hosiery, so here they are:

  • Try placing the socks on top of the laundry load so they won’t get pushed down by the other clothing (put the largest pieces on the bottom).
  • Fold the top of one sock of a pair into the open end of the other before washing.
  • If this happens in your house very often maybe you should also try laundering your socks in a mesh bags or delicate bags, or clip the socks together.

If you suffer from the Missing Sock Syndrome (MSS), you may want to try any of these methods, hopefully these tips will prevent your washer from eating your socks and it will also save you from having to repair it. At least we now know is the washer, most of of us have been blaming the dryer for a long time.

For the rest of your laundry and dry cleaning needs, visit your nearest OXXO Care Cleaners.

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