Save money by opening multiple stores: firm’s drycleaning model

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise based here that says it was first to use GreenEarth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European-boutique setting, reports it is pursuing a multi-unit franchise strategy in the United States.

Having sold 50 franchise stores to date, and to fully consolidate the OXXO brand, founder and CEO Salomon Mishaan has developed the multi-unit strategy.

“We believe in and have been laser-focused on changing traditional dry cleaning to help make it earth- and people-friendly, with sustainability and satisfying our customers’ needs as top priorities,” says Mishaan. “Multi-unit franchising is the next logical step in growing our business!”

OXXO recently signed an agreement with Guillermo Gallegos and Alexander Quintanilla, area developers, who will own the region from Orlando to Jacksonville, Fla. They are charged with building out 20 franchises in 10 years, the franchisor says.

An individual OXXO store costs approximately $450,000. The more OXXO stores one buys, the more the franchisee will save, the company adds.

This news comes on the heels of OXXO’s international expansion via multi-unit franchise sales in Indonesia.

Henry Soesanto owns six OXXO stores in that country. “After an intensive market study and competitor analysis, I approached OXXO for expansion via multi-unit franchises into Indonesia because of their truly unique and cost-effective offering,” he says.

“Competitors have come onto the market in the last 10 years with copies of some of our unique qualities, but none have been able to perfectly replicate what OXXO does and, more importantly, the service and quality we offer our customers,” says Mishaan.