OXXO Care Cleaners Brings First ATM Dry Cleaner to Connecticut

Eco-friendly, Innovative Franchise To Break Tradition at Quarry Walk

OXXO Care Cleaners®, the leading environmentally-friendly garment cleaning franchise, announced today that it will be opening its newest store at 334 Center Rock Green in Oxford, CT, in early April 2019. This location stands in the stylish, progressive Quarry Walk neighborhood, a 32-acre mixed-use development in the heart of Oxford. Oxford entrepreneur Dennis Cardona will operate the OXXO franchise location

“Connecticut is a great market,” says Dennis Cardona, Store Owner. “Quarry Walk was serious about ensuring they had the correct cleaners for the development, seeking one with ideals that reflect those of Haynes Development. Once we showed them that we aren’t a “dry cleaners” but we are a “Care Cleaners,” it made all the difference.  They loved our 100 % Eco-friendly GreenEarth® silicone cleaning process combined with our state of the art equipment  (100% harmless to clothing), and the first and only 24/7 ATM style machine in Connecticut. Customers can pick up their clothing whenever convenient to their own schedule not ours.”

OXXO’s new store front located at 300 Oxford Rd in Quarry Walk, Oxford, CT

With 18 years of experience in operating a service-based business in Oxford, Cardona felt that a top-notch dry-cleaning business would be a perfect fit in for Quarry Walk’s shopping district. The question became which franchise to pursue. Cardona studied the field closely and soon discovered that OXXO stood out from all competitors. A handful of key factors attracted him:

  • Open, Modern and Clean Boutique Style Setting

  • No industrial steam boiler, as in traditional dry cleaners

  • Emphasis on automation throughout the service cycle

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable processes

  • 24 x 7 ATM-style drop-off and Pick Up.

  • Hand finishing all garments

  • Strong commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction via OXXO’s We Care Philosophy and Commitment

Cardona’s choice makes OXXO the only dry cleaner in Connecticut to offer 24-hour, ATM-style drop-off and pick-up capability – a doubly powerful feature when paired with OXXO’s hand ironing and open, boutique-style setting.

 OXXO’s Innovative Technology for Shirts

Looking Forward

According to Cardona, Quarry Walk developer Thomas Haynes was enthusiastic about bringing the first ecological dry cleaner to Oxford – and specifically to Quarry Walk, which Haynes sees as the new cultural nexus of his community. In particular, Haynes wants Quarry Walk to be welcoming for youth and millennials, which means appealing to their environmentally-minded priorities.

Connecticut is currently putting in the hard work of transitioning from old paradigms into new. The State, including Oxford, is coming to grips with its contaminated water issues. (OXXO’s adoption of GreenEarth can play a role here, as GreenEarth is a non-volatile liquid silicone that breaks down into inert sand, water, and carbon dioxide if released to the environment.) The town is adopting new oil treatment options to help improve fuel efficiency. Perhaps most impressively, Quarry Walk uses resource-efficient building materials and deployed roughly 300KW of photovoltaic solar cells on top of multiple Quarry Walk buildings.

OXXO’s Automation Technology

Moreover, OXXO updates the appeal of its relatively old industry to younger users through its use of convenience and technology. The on-site ATM drop-off and pick up technology is one approach. OXXO customers are able to order and track services through the tap of an app. Home pick-up and delivery are also available, but the future may bring real-time, Uber-style route driver tracking so that clothes need not be left unattended and at risk.

OXXO CEO Salomon Mishaan notes, “Towns like Oxford have a need for the sort of convenience, quality service, and caring philosophy that OXXO brings into their communities. As we continue to expand and add locations across the South and Eastern seaboard, we’re going to keep finding these opportunities in places where people are ready to find a more compelling, forward-thinking way of tending to their dry-cleaning needs.”

OXXO’s ATM Style Pick Up & Drop Off Service

About OXXO® Care Cleaners

OXXO® is an environmentally-responsible dry cleaning franchise in the United States. At OXXO®, customers experience the ultimate in garment care with the use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents (no use of Perc (Perchloroethylene) chemicals common at other dry cleaners), the latest 24/7 ATM-style pick up service, the most technologically advanced European manufactured garment care equipment and the  traditional  method of hand – ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by OXXO® garment care specialists to ensure superior handling and meticulous attention to detail. Visit www.oxxousa.com for more information.

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