Franchise lands 262nd place on Entrepeneur Magazine’s 38th Annual  Franchise 500 Ranking and BEST Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchises by  franchiserankings.com

Hollywood, FL, January 10, 2017— OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise that was first to use Greenearth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European boutique setting, reports record results for 2016 and brings home  impressive  rankings in the Franchise space.

OXXO started off the year with recognition in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 38th Annual Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Ranking once again, where it ranked this year in 262nd place.

Additionally, franchiserankings.com just ranked OXXO Number 1 Best Dry Cleaning Franchise for 2017. To obtain the top ranking, OXXO was evaluated for its overall prospects and possibilities for growth and expansion across major markets, as well as its ability to perform similarly across a number of different markets and regions. OXXO’s management was graded for its  intimate knowledge of how to properly treat and clean a wide variety of fabrics, and how to properly train franchisees.

A High Growth Franchise:  2016 Results

OXXO made numerous advances in 2016, from a financial, technological and business strategy & improvement perspective. From a business improvement perspective, OXXO signed a new partnership with Top Terra, a company that has developed a new 100% Eco-friendly detergent that smells better and leaves garments fresh for longer. The detergent has been successfully tested in several stores to date.

On the financial side, OXXO grew its portfolio of stores, signing agreements with a number of new franchisees in Palm Beach Gardens, Orlando, Clermont, North Miami/ Keystone Plaza, Lake Nona Area, Doral, Weston, and Miami Beach. Most of these are stores that current franchisees opened, reinforcing OXXOs’ recently announced multiunit franchise strategy. In 2017, OXXO will be opening a second store in Palm Beach and a new store in Houston, TX. OXXO also renewed contracts with its Merrick Park and North Bay Village Franchisees.

Looking into 2017, OXXO is building new stores in East Boca, the Mimo District and Windermere, FL. The franchise also signed new contracts and will start building stores in Pembroke Pines, South Beach, Kendall, Coral Way, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Dadeland and Palm Beach.

OXXO strives to be at the forefront of new technology for its business and for its customers. In 2016, OXXO introduced a newly designed Mobile App, developed by SPOT POS systems. The franchise also introduced a three tower conveyor style that is more efficient and reduces space issues.

OXXO also introduced two different business models to provide more options for interested franchisees including an Independent Franchise drop store without a plant and a Pickup and Delivery franchise (without a plant). Additionally, the West Palm Beach franchisee developed a partnership with Costco at which OXXO Gift Cards are now being sold.

OXXO’s Indonesia stores were named the 1st Eco-friendly Dry Cleaners in Indonesia by REBI (Business Recognition Award), and the Indonesia stores made the ISO 9001:2015; which is part of the method for the development of the OXXO concept a Quality Management System Certification. OXXO Indonesia also  partnered with the country’s biggest Banks to promote the brand through their credit cards applying rebates to their customers.  They also presented a new model unit: a Dry Cleaning truck to be used in areas where rent is high or unavailable.

OXXO’s desire to do good for the communities in which it operates stems back to its founding. In 2016, a number of OXXO stores were involved in unique corporate social responsibility projects, including a Sidewalk Sale benefiting Tomorrow’s Rainbow Organization, a clothing Donation campaign for Women in Distress of Broward County, a 5K benefiting United Nations Women,  and  donations to Kids in Distress.

Having sold over 50 franchises stores to date, Salomon Mishaan, Founder & CEO, has developed a winning strategies for the business, its franchisees and the communities in which OXXO operates.

Stay tuned for an even better 2017!!

Save money by opening multiple stores: firm’s drycleaning model

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise based here that says it was first to use GreenEarth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European-boutique setting, reports it is pursuing a multi-unit franchise strategy in the United States.

Having sold 50 franchise stores to date, and to fully consolidate the OXXO brand, founder and CEO Salomon Mishaan has developed the multi-unit strategy.

“We believe in and have been laser-focused on changing traditional dry cleaning to help make it earth- and people-friendly, with sustainability and satisfying our customers’ needs as top priorities,” says Mishaan. “Multi-unit franchising is the next logical step in growing our business!”

OXXO recently signed an agreement with Guillermo Gallegos and Alexander Quintanilla, area developers, who will own the region from Orlando to Jacksonville, Fla. They are charged with building out 20 franchises in 10 years, the franchisor says.

An individual OXXO store costs approximately $450,000. The more OXXO stores one buys, the more the franchisee will save, the company adds.

This news comes on the heels of OXXO’s international expansion via multi-unit franchise sales in Indonesia.

Henry Soesanto owns six OXXO stores in that country. “After an intensive market study and competitor analysis, I approached OXXO for expansion via multi-unit franchises into Indonesia because of their truly unique and cost-effective offering,” he says.

“Competitors have come onto the market in the last 10 years with copies of some of our unique qualities, but none have been able to perfectly replicate what OXXO does and, more importantly, the service and quality we offer our customers,” says Mishaan.

OXXO Care Cleaners Launches Aggressive MULTI-UNIT FRANCHISE Sales Strategy

OXXO Closed Agreements for Palm Beach County & Florida’s I4 Corridor

Hollywood, FL, November 28, 2016— On the heels of its international expansion via multi-unit franchise sales in Indonesia, OXXO Care Cleaners®, the environmentally friendly garment cleaning franchise that was first to use Greenearth® solvents while offering 24/7 ATM-style service in a European boutique setting, announced today the pursuit of an aggressive multi-unit franchise strategy across the United States.

Having sold 50 franchises stores to date, Salomon Mishaan, Founder & CEO, has developed a winning strategy that is now aimed at multi-unit franchisees, in an effort to fully consolidate the OXXO®, brand. OXXO recently  signed an agreement with Guillermo Gallegos and Alexander Quintanilla, area developers who will own the region from Orlando to Jacksonville. They are charged with building out twenty franchises in ten years. Prior to this, a franchisee purchased five stores in Palm Beach County. For multiple store purchases and area development, OXXO offers franchisees unbeatable incentives and discounts that area developers are finding hard to turn down. An individual OXXO store costs approximately 450k whereas competitors start at 1.25k The more OXXO stores you buy, the more you save.

“Competitors have come onto the market in the last ten years with copies of some of our unique qualities, but none have been able to perfectly replicate what OXXO does and more importantly, the service and quality we offer our customers,” says Salomon Mishaan, OXXO’s Founder & CEO. “We are proud of the brand we have built and continue to enhance our offering with regular updates to our clean technology.  Multi-unit sales are the logical natural next step to our growth roadmap,” he adds.

Henry Soesanto, who owns six OXXO stores in Indonesia, said, “After an intensive market study and competitor analysis, I approached OXXO for expansion via multi-unit franchises into Indonesia because of their truly unique and cost-effective offering. OXXO is the only cleaning franchise, worldwide, that strictly requires the use of Greenearth, and fully electric equipment. I looked across the globe for a modern, green, environmentally responsible dry cleaning system, and OXXO is the only option.”

For more information about multiunit franchise sales opportunities, please contact salomon@oxxousa.com.

OXXO’s Story

Since the opening of the first store in Hollywood, Florida in 2002, Salomón Mishaan OXXO Care Cleaners®, Franchise Founder, decided to enforce the use of a dermatologic and eco-friendly cleaning solvent called “GreenEarth®,” instead of the commonly used chemical perc (Perclorethelyne) a carcinogenic which is unhealthy for both human skin and garments, and that emits vapors so strong that most dry cleaners have to leave doors open permanently. He also eliminated the traditional industrial boiler system which  works off fossil fuels and vapor piping that emit heat to warm equipment, installing instead independently heated (electric) equipment, allowing for the air-conditioned boutique style concept imported from Europe.

Eliminating the industrial boiler and using a safe and healthy cleaning solvent, as well as remodeling the look of the traditional dry cleaner and installing a 24/7 Style pick-p system has allowed OXXO to experience a fast payback as the franchise has opened doors dozens of  shopping malls, which previously held certain resistance to cleaners due to the volatility of the boilers and to strong chemical odors and contamination.

Mishaan decided to enter this sector because he saw that dry cleaning lacked  innovation. He was looking to make people’s lives easier and improve living standards via convenience, quality and nontoxic environmental safety. While he wasn’t familiar with the industry’s  details, he brought with him all of his experience from the textile industry.  From the beginning, he knew that he and his team had to transform the traditional system and generate a distinctive and better offering.  Instead of surrounding himself only with experienced persons in the service industry, he also incorporated a team of  technicians with industrial experience. Mishaan and his team had dedicated their entire lives to generating efficiency and convenience.  This formula is what has tilted the balance in their favor.

The inspiration for this Colombo-Venezuelan entrepreneur came from Europe, where ironing takes place both in front of the customer and can be observed through the store window. In OXXO®’s boutiques, this occurs for practical reasons like space limits, but Mishaan discovered it to be excellent for marketing and promotion purposes.

A great franchise, however, is not born solely from using modern high-tech machinery and a novel idea. Between 2000 and 2001, a team of executives and industrialists led by Mishaan reinvigorated the concepts of customer service, marketing and service processing and created OXXO® tailored use, maintenance, and operation manuals for franchisees.

From a functional perspective, each store can clean up to 700 garments in twelve hours with just seven employees, including the manager on duty. The shop’s internal system is computerized and automated. This combination of planning and technology leads to savings in space, time and money and drastically reduces the possibility for human error.

With just above average industry prices, clothing is returned by the third day, although OXXO® also can deliver results in six hours upon request. Most stores offer alterations and dry cleaning services. “We are trying to educate the client by teaching them that it is always best to have their shirts delivered on hangers and to use little starch,” indicates Mishaan.

Customer service at OXXO® goes beyond a friendly smile and on-time delivery of gently cleaned garments. OXXO was the first cleaning franchise in the United States to allow customers the option of picking up their clothing at any hour through an innovative 24/7 ATM-style pick up machine with an intelligent magnetic card or QR code on their phone.

The card serves to pay for and pick up garments, and can be recharged in the store or via the company APP.  OXXO® Care Cards contain the client’s information and transaction history. As soon as the system recognizes the card or QR code, the computer searches for the order which is then delivered through a small window on the machine. “Instead of going to the dry cleaner once a week because it is closed after 7pm, people are getting used to picking up their clothing when it is convenient for them. In addition, customers can leave their clothing to be washed,” says Mishaan.

OXXO® franchises range in price from 450k to 650k USD depending on certain variables. Apart from providing franchisees with strict usage and operations manuals, and compulsory and extensive training sessions, Mishaan’s team works hard to assure that both location and surrounding characteristics fulfill brand prerequisites and maintain quality standards.  The process of opening a 1,500 square foot store takes on average six months.

Notwithstanding, for the Management team, the sale of franchises is not as important as is the care of the brand itself. Store employees are trained to pay meticulous attention to each and every garment and customer and if a potential franchisee doesn’t possess the necessary qualities of business leadership, the franchise goes unsold.

Mishaan takes care of every detail which is probably why he has an impeccable and wrinkle-free brand.  “Entrepreneur” magazine has ranked OXXO® among the top five hundred best new franchises in the United States.  It should surprise no one that OXXO® aims to enter into the best 100 franchises in the country next year.  In the meantime, starchy competitors are trying to follow his footsteps, but this visionary’s brand has succeeded in racing so far ahead that it will  be hard  for anyone to catch up.


About OXXO® Care Cleaners, Inc.

OXXO® is an environmentally-responsible dry cleaning franchise in the United States. At OXXO, customers experience the ultimate in garment care with the use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents (no use of Perc (Perclorethelyne)  chemicals common at other dry cleaners), the latest 24/7 ATM-style pick up service, the most technologically advanced European manufactured garment care equipment  and the  traditional  method of hand – ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by OXXO garment care specialists to ensure superior handling and meticulous attention to detail. Visit http://www.oxxousa.com for more information.


Green laundry is booming with OXXO Care Cleaners®

Environmentally friendly garment care concept opens four new locations in Florida then turns gaze to Texas

We aren’t your typical dry cleaning service—we took the hazardous chemicals and equipment out of our process and make the work environment safe for our staff.

— OXXO Care Cleaners Founder Salomon Mishaan
OXXO Care Cleaners®, a 24/7 eco-friendly dry cleaning business, is quickly taking over the Florida market with four new franchise locations in the last three months and another coming to Texas.

Recently, OXXO locations have sprung up in Doral, West Palm Beach as well as two more in Orlando, Florida. This innovative, dry cleaning concept is quickly adding locations and is set to add another in the Houston market later this year.

“We’re very excited to continue bringing fast, eco-friendly dry cleaning to these communities,” said OXXO Care Cleaners Founder Salomon Mishaan. “Now we’re really focusing on expanding to Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and North Carolina. In particular, Charlotte is a market that has a need for a dry cleaning service like OXXO.”

Launched in 2001, OXXO Care Cleaners has now grown to over 45 franchised locations. The eco-friendly, boutique-style concept is the production of Salomon Mishaan, who founded the company after moving to the U.S. and seeing an opportunity to bring new techniques to the industry. OXXO Care Cleaners uses GreenEarth cleaning solutions instead of the harmful chemicals used in common dry cleaning.

OXXO Care Cleaners combines state-of-the-art European equipment, hand-iron finishing, online billing and a 24/7 ATM-style pickup window giving their customers a top-quality and convenient dry cleaning service.

“We aren’t your typical dry cleaning service—we took the hazardous chemicals and equipment out of our process and make the work environment safe for our staff,” Mishaan said. “And with every new OXXO location, more jobs are created to help communities thrive in today’s economy.”

OXXO Care Cleaners provides a rewarding business opportunity for passionate entrepreneurs, offering operational guidance and training, site selection, marketing and advertising assistance, as well as the growth potential associated with protected territories.

Wilton Manors entrepreneurs embrace the spirit of giving back

OXXO Care Cleaners franchisees Jonathan and Vanessa Zighelboim host sixth fundraiser for local nonprofits in 2016

Wilton Manors, FL – May 18, 2016 – OXXO Care Cleaners®, a 24/7 eco-friendly dry cleaning business, has long believed that its franchisees should be involved in supporting their local communities.

OXXO owners in Wilton Manor, Jonathan and Vanessa Zighelboim, have really grabbed hold of this mission of community support as they get ready to host their sixth fundraiser benefiting Tomorrow’s Rainbow, a local nonprofit here in Broward county.

Tomorrow’s Rainbow mission is to provide grieving children, teens and their families an emotionally safe environment for hope and healing through guidance, education and support on a beautiful small horse farm in west Broward.

The Zighelboims have owned the Wilton Manors dry cleaners for 3 years and identify with OXXO’s emphasis on supporting the local community.

“There are so many wonderful nonprofits in the Wilton Manors area,” Vanessa said. “We’ve wanted to get involved for a long time and are really happy we’ve been able to host 5 great events all to help benefit some worthy causes like Tomorrow’s Rainbow.”

The OXXO Care Cleaners Wilton Manors Sidewalk Sale was on Saturday, June 18 from 3-8 p.m., with the event held at 2180 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors FL. What  happened is any forgotten or donated clothing on the racks at the Las Olas and Wilton Manors locations was put up for sale at the Wilton Manors location and  the funds raised were donated to Tomorrow’s Rainbow.

“We encourage our franchisees to get involved and give back to their community,” said OXXO Care Cleaners founder and President Salomon Mishaan. “Hosting charitable events like the Wilton Manors Sidewalk Sale is a perfect example of how any business, like ours, can work together to raise awareness for local organizations.


Benefits of dry cleaning processes that don’t use steam

When getting dry cleaning done, it is important to know your clothes will be treated with the finest processes available.

Traditionally, a dry cleaning franchise would use hot boilers that create steam for the cleaning process. OXXO Care Cleaners is a pioneer as a dry cleaning franchise for its efforts to eradicate these sort of diesel- or gas-fueled boilers that have long been the standard of dry cleaners.

The steam these boilers would have created is transported around the shop by bulky pipes, causing the area to be very hot. By removing that hot boiler, there is not only more space at every OXXO location, but there is also air conditioned work spaces, making working conditions more comfortable for employees.

The alternative to not relying on steam is also positive. Since OXXO Care Cleaners first store opened in 2001, we have continued to use superior and more innovative options when cleaning. We use Green Earth products that use a silicone-based cleaning agent rather than using harsher, carcinogenic chemicals. Click to find out more about the Green Dry Cleaning Franchise.

Having made this commitment to switch away from steam and be a leader, each OXXO dry cleaning franchise proves non-toxic garment cleaning that is effective and safe for customers, their clothing, store personnel and the environment.

It all adds up to allowing each business to display a boutique style with the absence of boilers, and a space where customers can watch the work on their clothes as it is done in front of them. This contemporary method offers peace of mind with a job well done, as well as being affordable and resulting in lower labor and real estate costs.

The benefits of dry cleaning processes that don’t use steam is just one of the ways OXXO Care Cleaners strives to be different for the betterment of all. Head over to the blog pages to read more about our methods and why OXXO is the premiere choice for any of your dry cleaning needs.

Benefits White Marker

What does it take to open a dry cleaning franchise

Opening a dry cleaning franchise takes a combination of vision, ambition, planning and funding.

A potential dry cleaning franchise owner needs to be passionate about the brand and industry, over 21 years of age and able to show good credit and capital for the security of the business.

OXXO Care Cleaners is a leading dry cleaning franchise that anyone with these qualities can grow and thrive in.

To ensure optimal success as a franchise owner, OXXO has made it simple for a potential franchisee to step in. OXXO Care Cleaners has a model unparalleled for a dry cleaning franchise, with services and features like 24/7 drop-off and pickup, no harsh chemicals and a hand-ironed finish.

Becoming a dry cleaning franchise owner may take hard work and determination, but the first few steps on the path are easy, especially when there will be support given every step of the way. There is always a chance to seek advice from an already established OXXO franchisor.

The process of opening a dry cleaning franchise begins by filling out the form on the website, calling or emailing. From there, a franchise specialist will be in touch about things like territory availability, financial qualifications needed and there to answer any other questions.

After attending a Business Overview phone presentation, receiving a Franchise Disclosure Document, meeting the corporate team in Florida and getting approved, the individual is on their way with OXXO Care Cleaners.

Franchisees do not need to worry if they don’t have a knowledgeable background on the industry. With training provided by the environmentally-friendly dry cleaning organization, the franchise system will give all training that is needed to feel comfortable.

Owners will learn the latest cleaning techniques and technology along with an entrepreneurial mindset to continually develop their business.

Ultimately, the dry cleaning franchise for OXXO Care Cleaners takes passion, no experience, preferably some experience in retail, management or customer service and the ability to provide good credit and capital. Interested in opening a eco friendly dry cleaning franchise? Find out about the OXXO Care Cleaners franchise difference.

6 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Eco-Friendly Companies

Most people favor products and services with ecologically beneficial features. Harris Interactive reports that four out of five Americans prefer environment-friendly merchandise. Green brands often forgo toxic chemicals, support environmental nonprofits or take steps to conserve energy. Consumers choose them for several different reasons:


1. Natural foods and cleaning supplies frequently offer health or safety benefits. Such items generally produce fewer skin and respiratory irritations. Unbleached coffee filters provide one example of an eco-friendly product that protects consumers’ health. Likewise, natural mouthwash is far less likely to cause cancer.

2. Around 62 percent of U.S. residents feel at least fairly concerned about the environment. They favor green living because it helps prevent air and water contamination. Eco-friendly products also support the wellbeing of plants and wildlife by minimizing animal testing, habitat destruction and pesticide application.




3. Just three out of 10 Americans express a willingness to spend more money for equivalent green products. Nonetheless, some people buy sustainable goods to save cash in the long run. Things like LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and reusable containers initially cost more, but they reduce a person’s monthly living expenses.

4. Incentives from utilities, government agencies and nonprofits provide further financial motivation for some consumers. They usually come in the form of rebates or tax credits. These bonuses have encouraged many people to pay for solar panels, heat pumps and various home improvements.


5. Many people simply enjoy using eco-friendly goods and services because they deliver better experiences. For example, customers prefer the taste of organic peanut butter and the comfortable texture of cotton towels with no synthetic materials. Some individuals buy green cleaning supplies to avoid unpleasant artificial fragrances.

6. Consumers prefer to support socially responsible manufacturers and service providers. Genuinely eco-friendly features and initiatives often enhance a company’s image and make customers feel better about buying its products. People tend to trust businesses that strive to protect the ecosystem, help charities and treat employees well.

As concerns about the environment and physical wellbeing continue to grow, more and more people embrace eco-friendly buying decisions including dry cleaning. Many green purchases stem from a combination of ethical, financial, medical and personal reasons. This trend reflects the fact that now is an excellent time to buy a green business or eco-friendly franchise. Find out more about OXXO Cleaners Franchise Opportunities.

Want to learn more about OXXO Eco-Friendly green dry cleaning which is better for the environment and better for your clothes? Click Eco-Friendly



OXXO Care Cleaners Makes a Debut in Palm Beach Gardens.

 OXXO Care Cleaners  is once again marking the spot. This time, the lucky city is Palm Beach Gardens. Now, the residents of Palm Beach have the unique opportunity to experience the most innovative care cleaning in the industry. Franchisees Beatriz Figueira and Juan Carlos Lara are very excited to show their neighbors how the quality of the garments they care clean will surpass any other “Drycleaner” in the area. They have a state of the art equipment and promise to give everyone’s clothes a hand-ironed finish  like never seen (or done) before.  Their convenient 24/7 system is tailored specially to meet the bare necessities of those valued customers on a tight schedule.  Last, but certainly not least, their groundbreaking  environmentally-friendly  facilities are revolutionizing the way healthy Drycleaning is being done. The premises are just a work of art: they are in a boutique style shop with clean A/C and use a non-toxic solvent that is hypoallergenic without a chemical smell.

We invite you to come and experience the OXXO Difference at OXXO Palm Beach Gardens; You will soon realize that we are more than a Drycleaners, because we just don’t dryclean, we CARE CLEAN!


4873 PGA Blvd

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

(561) 622-6004


For more information call us at: 1-866 GO2-OXXO (462-6996)

To find your nearby store visit us at:




OXXO Care Cleaners stamps a clean mark in Houston, TX.


Once again OXXO Care Cleaners was a part of the Franchise Expo South 2016  that took place in Houston TX, on February 11th to the 13th. Fernando Fernandez, our Northeast  Sales Director along with Salomon Mishaan, our president  and Jaime Remond our Southeast Sales Director attended this big event to expose our brand and offer all those potential franchisees interested in buying a franchise with a compelling opportunity to grow a business that is full of potential, the opportunity to learn more about this cutting edge technological business. They were accompanied by Franchise Dynamics and their powerful sales team who was there to guide us with their expertise and support us in our endeavors.