6 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Eco-Friendly Companies

Most people favor products and services with ecologically beneficial features. Harris Interactive reports that four out of five Americans prefer environment-friendly merchandise. Green brands often forgo toxic chemicals, support environmental nonprofits or take steps to conserve energy. Consumers choose them for several different reasons:


1. Natural foods and cleaning supplies frequently offer health or safety benefits. Such items generally produce fewer skin and respiratory irritations. Unbleached coffee filters provide one example of an eco-friendly product that protects consumers’ health. Likewise, natural mouthwash is far less likely to cause cancer.

2. Around 62 percent of U.S. residents feel at least fairly concerned about the environment. They favor green living because it helps prevent air and water contamination. Eco-friendly products also support the wellbeing of plants and wildlife by minimizing animal testing, habitat destruction and pesticide application.




3. Just three out of 10 Americans express a willingness to spend more money for equivalent green products. Nonetheless, some people buy sustainable goods to save cash in the long run. Things like LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and reusable containers initially cost more, but they reduce a person’s monthly living expenses.

4. Incentives from utilities, government agencies and nonprofits provide further financial motivation for some consumers. They usually come in the form of rebates or tax credits. These bonuses have encouraged many people to pay for solar panels, heat pumps and various home improvements.


5. Many people simply enjoy using eco-friendly goods and services because they deliver better experiences. For example, customers prefer the taste of organic peanut butter and the comfortable texture of cotton towels with no synthetic materials. Some individuals buy green cleaning supplies to avoid unpleasant artificial fragrances.

6. Consumers prefer to support socially responsible manufacturers and service providers. Genuinely eco-friendly features and initiatives often enhance a company’s image and make customers feel better about buying its products. People tend to trust businesses that strive to protect the ecosystem, help charities and treat employees well.

As concerns about the environment and physical wellbeing continue to grow, more and more people embrace eco-friendly buying decisions including dry cleaning. Many green purchases stem from a combination of ethical, financial, medical and personal reasons. This trend reflects the fact that now is an excellent time to buy a green business or eco-friendly franchise. Find out more about OXXO Cleaners Franchise Opportunities.

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The horrifying truth behind Traditional Dry Cleaning walls.+

Is the garment-care industry really taking good care of your clothes?

Ever wondered how your clothes are being treated by your drycleaners? Who is pressing your shirts? How safe is the process done on your garments? For you? For their employees? Tag along and discover what’s hidden behind the curtain and sometimes behind concrete walls.

This is going to be a real eye opener.

For starters, traditional dry cleaners have heavy and complex machinery and running pipes all over the location. They use a highly toxic petroleum based chemical called PERC (percloroethylene/tetrachloroethylene) that is dangerous if inhaled and/or touched. Their poorly ventilated facilities have their employees inhaling particles of PERC fumes every time a dry-cleaning cycle is completed. To make things worse, after your clothes are being handed to you, you should let them air out of the bag and let them breathe before they are hanged in the closet. This way, what is left of the chemical will evaporate into the open. Another thing, your traditional drycleaners might not tell you is that after your clothes have been dry cleaned with PERC , they will keep bits of that solvent embedded in them, even after you aired them, making the clothes and your home exposed to a harsh chemical.

Many use the word green/organic very carelessly because of their solvent’s chemical components. Although they aren’t as harsh as PERC  they are still petroleum-based.

Their machinery is very outdated, industrialized and requires steam from an industrial boiler They use large steam pressing machines developed for the garment industry over 70 years ago that expel hot fumes and reduce pressing time and it burns and gives your garments a stiff look and feel. It is a sweatshop; that’s why they choose to keep it behind a wall.

Their tagging methods are old-fashioned; the tags are ruthlessly stapled to your garments without your consideration nor consent to make sure they do not lose them.


Is that how you really want your clothes to be treated?

Why do you trust your delicate garments to someone who is using harsh chemicals on them and hope for the best?

Why are you stepping over dollars to save pennies and endangering your health?

We have the solution of your dry-cleaning problems!

At OXXO Care Cleaners, we don’t hide behind a wall. Entering our store is like entering an exquisite Italian boutique. Our air-conditioned store is inviting, fresh smelling and our courteous and professional staff will welcome you with a smile and will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Also, we are proud to showcase our machines and the entire process to our customers it’s all in plain sight as you enter.

Our processes are simple to understand: Sorting, Spotting/Cleaning and Hand Ironing.

Choosing the best care for your garment.

After a careful, non-invasive and easy to remove tag is placed on your garment, (for individual identification purposes), we proceed to do a thorough separation and sorting of you colored and whites, and your laundry and dry-cleaning . Then, we proceed to take care of those extra special attentions you requested such as alterations, stain removals. Finding and providing the best care for your garments is pivotal at OXXO.

Find, Remove, Clean, Repeat.

Untreated, semi-treated and home-treated stains are always a challenge we are ready to tackle. We recommend our customers to always be honest about their stains and to not (under any circumstance) treat their stains at home. Instead, try to bring it in within 7 days and let us worry about the rest. We specialize in removing any type of stains that has been pre-spotted by the customer or that we find while doing the sorting process. Our cleaning process can be summarized in 4 points:

  • Stains? No problem.
  • Using our safe stain-remover products, we do our best effort to remove every bit of the stain.
  • We proceed to clean the garment according to what’s specified.
  • Did we missed something? Repeat the process.

Creating the perfectly pressed garment: Hand ironing at its finest.

After we have successfully cleaned your clothes, they are ready to receive a final personal touch. Unlike traditional dry cleaners, after your garments are clean, we do not harm your garments by using industrial presses that leave permanent creases sad burn and shortens the life span of your clothes. Instead we retrieve your clothes from our Eco-friendly machine that does not expel any chemicals into the air and we proceed to carefully hand iron your garments to give it a personal touch. Our ironers strive for perfection every time and your clothes are always virtually wrinkle free. Once your garment is perfectly ironed, our experts thoroughly inspect it before hanging it into our 24/7 automated machine.

Your shirts are not pressed with hot plates which burn the buttons, we blow dry them with hot air which prolong the life of the material and leaves your buttons as you brought them.


Next time you go to the drycleaners, look around you; does it look like they are hiding something? Does it look inviting? Does it look new? Does it smell inviting?

If the answer is no, maybe you should consider changing to care cleaning, OXXO CARE CLEANING, because you have had enough of regular dry-cleaning…

Stay in touch to find out what we developed and our competitors just copied it and made it look like theirs.

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ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM MSS? OXXO helps you discover the mystery from the Missing Sock Syndrome!

Many people are suffering from the misterios MSS, this is what we call Missing Sock Syndrome, shortly after learning how to do your own laundry  you started feeling puzzled about this mysterious syndrome. Most people believe that socks get lost in the clothes dryer. When a repairman visited one of our stores a few years ago, we heard a different theory. Socks and other small items, he said, sometimes get wrapped around the agitator’s support rod at the bottom of the washing machine.

At OXXO Care Cleaners we don’t usually clean socks so we do not suffer from MSS, but our repairman gave us a couple of tips to share with our customers, to prevent your socks from entering the Bermuda Triangle of hosiery, so here they are:

  • Try placing the socks on top of the laundry load so they won’t get pushed down by the other clothing (put the largest pieces on the bottom).
  • Fold the top of one sock of a pair into the open end of the other before washing.
  • If this happens in your house very often maybe you should also try laundering your socks in a mesh bags or delicate bags, or clip the socks together.

If you suffer from the Missing Sock Syndrome (MSS), you may want to try any of these methods, hopefully these tips will prevent your washer from eating your socks and it will also save you from having to repair it. At least we now know is the washer, most of of us have been blaming the dryer for a long time.

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