6 Reasons Why Consumers Choose Eco-Friendly Companies

Most people favor products and services with ecologically beneficial features. Harris Interactive reports that four out of five Americans prefer environment-friendly merchandise. Green brands often forgo toxic chemicals, support environmental nonprofits or take steps to conserve energy. Consumers choose them for several different reasons:


1. Natural foods and cleaning supplies frequently offer health or safety benefits. Such items generally produce fewer skin and respiratory irritations. Unbleached coffee filters provide one example of an eco-friendly product that protects consumers’ health. Likewise, natural mouthwash is far less likely to cause cancer.

2. Around 62 percent of U.S. residents feel at least fairly concerned about the environment. They favor green living because it helps prevent air and water contamination. Eco-friendly products also support the wellbeing of plants and wildlife by minimizing animal testing, habitat destruction and pesticide application.




3. Just three out of 10 Americans express a willingness to spend more money for equivalent green products. Nonetheless, some people buy sustainable goods to save cash in the long run. Things like LED light bulbs, energy-efficient appliances and reusable containers initially cost more, but they reduce a person’s monthly living expenses.

4. Incentives from utilities, government agencies and nonprofits provide further financial motivation for some consumers. They usually come in the form of rebates or tax credits. These bonuses have encouraged many people to pay for solar panels, heat pumps and various home improvements.


5. Many people simply enjoy using eco-friendly goods and services because they deliver better experiences. For example, customers prefer the taste of organic peanut butter and the comfortable texture of cotton towels with no synthetic materials. Some individuals buy green cleaning supplies to avoid unpleasant artificial fragrances.

6. Consumers prefer to support socially responsible manufacturers and service providers. Genuinely eco-friendly features and initiatives often enhance a company’s image and make customers feel better about buying its products. People tend to trust businesses that strive to protect the ecosystem, help charities and treat employees well.

As concerns about the environment and physical wellbeing continue to grow, more and more people embrace eco-friendly buying decisions including dry cleaning. Many green purchases stem from a combination of ethical, financial, medical and personal reasons. This trend reflects the fact that now is an excellent time to buy a green business or eco-friendly franchise. Find out more about OXXO Cleaners Franchise Opportunities.

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Fueled By Passion, Driven By Winners

 How OXXO Care Cleaners revolutionized the Garment Care industry?

At OXXO, we believe people should feel comfortable with what they wear, their skin should not absorb dangerous chemicals and they should live a healthy life. We believe we all have a purpose in life, and our purpose was establishing an environmentally safe dry-cleaning store that would totally revolutionize the way customers thought about dry-cleaning processes. We thought outside the box, we planned, we developed and we conquered the industry.

Think Differently.

We saw how regular dry-cleaning was being done: the percloroethylene (PERC) fumes expelled at the end of each cycle, the destruction of some of the precious garments beads and buttons and the rare smell found in the garments. We were mortified. We also discovered that PERC was carcinogenic to humans and the more often customers would dry-clean their clothing with PERC, the higher amount of this substance would remain in the garment. We knew that it had to be another way, a better and safer way. If not, we had to make it happen.


In the year 2000, OXXO Care Cleaners partnered with Green Earth Cleaning, a company who created and patented a solvent made of liquid silicone (liquefied sand). This solvent is non-toxic and when released to the environment, it safely breaks down into sand, water and C02. Also, Green Earth is safe for people; liquid silicone is the base ingredient for shampoos, conditioner and lotions. We knew this was it; we were making the right choice, not only for our customers, but also for our employees.


We believed this was going to be a breakthrough in the dry-cleaning industry and we had to share it with the masses. We developed our first ever dry-cleaning store in the heart of Hollywood, FL in 2001. We didn’t know what to expect, we weren’t prepare for the overwhelming commotion we created. People from all over the country came to visit our store. Some wanted to know how we did it, some wanted to imitate our processes and some wanted to share this breakthrough in the garment care industry with us.


We overcame all the obstacles and we conquered South Florida with our brand new state of the art facility. We opened a unique boutique-style garment care store, where the customers and the employees felt safe, happy and proud of being part of a greener, Eco-friendly movement. We reduced the space of a regular dry cleaning “factory” by implementing electric equipment, eliminating industrial size boilers and machinery that used diesel fuel.

Nowadays, we have over 40 stores all across the United States and we have 6 stores in Indonesia. We are also working closely with individuals who share our same passion for clothing and well-being and we will soon open more stores in the US and Latin America.

We have worked very hard to achieve all our goals. We are proud of having real Eco-friendly dry-cleaning facilities that cares about the customers, the clothes the environment. We have come across some dry-cleaners who pretend to be organic and safe, however, you can find that the solvents they use are composed of Formaldehyde, petroleum based or harsh chemicals that are carcinogenic.

At OXXO, there is always room for improvement and innovation. We think outside the box, we go overseas to find the answers we cannot find at home, we think differently, we plan, we develop and we conquer.

OXXO Care Cleaner is a company that was fueled with passion back in 2001 and up to this date it is driven by Winners with a common goal: Success.

Stay tuned and discover what took us to where we are, how our quality and convenience promise is revolutionizing the dry cleaning industry and how we turned regular Dry Cleaners into a CARE CLEANERS.

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How to Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe for Less

Look like a million bucks without actually spending a fortune.

Triptych photo of a three pinstripe suits with shirt and ties.

Keeping your work wardrobe up to date doesn’t have to overextend your budget, but you do need to be a smart shopper when it comes to seeking out the best deals on career apparel and shoes. Whether you’re building up your basics or looking to add a few trendy pieces to your collection, make sure you’re making wise investments. 

Taking steps to make your work wardrobe as versatile as possible will help you maximize your clothing budget and still look sharp season after season. Here are some ways to update your work wardrobe without spending a fortune.

1. Invest in well-fitting basics. From dress pants and pencil skirts, to pressed shirts and blazers, make sure your basics collection has pieces that fit you well and can be used to create multiple outfits. For example, instead of buying a blazer with contrast piping because it’s trendy this season, stick with a classic black or gray blazer that fits you just right and can be worn with at least two or three different ensembles. Make sure you buy the right size from your favorite designer or label so you don’t have to spend extra money for alterations later.

2. Shop the outlets, but be smart about it. 
Outlet shopping centers can be great places to get deals on designer clothing and popular brands but don’t compromise on quality because you’re enamored by the price. Keep in mind, some companies produce lower-quality clothing specifically for outlet stores. In other words, you may be getting the label, but you won’t be getting the regular store item at a discount. Consider if you would buy the item whether it was made by any company or designer, and really take a close look at the quality and construction so you don’t get a dud of a deal.

3. Shop postseason sales. 
Organize your budget so that you can head to your favorite store during the post-holiday and end-of-season sales, and pick up basics, trendy items, accessories and even jewelry to build up your work wardrobe on a budget. Just make sure you are buying items you know you can use for several outfits and wear at least a few times throughout the season.

4. Get creative with accessories. 
Statement jewelry, colorful scarves and headbands can add a twist to any basic outfit and even transform an ensemble with very little effort. Tie a printed scarf around your neck or handbag, wear an oversized necklace or set of bracelets, or try on a colorful headband to add a pop of color to your outfit. Shop sales racks and clearance bins for accessories that can freshen up any basics ensemble for the season.

5. Carry a different handbag. 
If you carry the same handbag or briefcase all weeklong, change things up with a different style or a bag in a bold color. A bright red, pink or blue handbag can freshen up your look on business casual days. Keep things chic and professional with an oversized patent leather tote or a color block bowler handbag.

6. Don’t forget about bargains at discount stores. 
Discount retail stores can be another source of great deals on work wear. If you’re comfortable with buying slightly flawed items or out-of-season pieces, don’t miss the chance to shop the racks at these stores for discounted brand name merchandise. You can find everything from pencil skirts and boots, to designer handbags and accessories. All items are authentic but may be slightly damaged; be sure to inspect the item closely for any snags, rips and tears before you buy.

7. Get quotes from local tailors. 
If you are a bargain hunter by nature but want your wardrobe to look more polished, consider taking those suits, blazers, dress pants and dresses you bought at a resale store or retailer in past seasons, and have them modified to fit you perfectly. Even some slight alterations can turn a basic dress into a well-fitting piece that looks like it was made for you. Ask them to change the buttons or add some embellishments to update shirts, blouses or jackets. Shop around to find a tailor that can work with you on an ongoing basis and offers a great price on every item you bring in.
At OXXO Care Cleaners we do alterations. To find your nearest location visit: http://www.oxxousa.com
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