OXXO Care Cleaners Launches Valentine’s Day “Community Care” Campaign For South Florida

OXXO continues its efforts to do good in 2017 both inside and out of stores

Hollywood, FL, February 8th, 2017— During good times and times of fragility, OXXO Care Cleaners® remains faithful to its philosophy of helping the community, sharing and caring that has characterized the franchise since its foundation. This month, OXXO launches its “Care Campaign 2017” in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, to benefit the Pantry of Broward.

“OXXO’s desire to do good for the communities in which it operates stems back to its foundation. In 2016, several OXXO stores were involved in unique corporate social responsibility projects, including a Sidewalk Sale benefiting Tomorrow’s Rainbow Organization, a clothing Donation campaign for Women in Distress of Broward County, a 5K benefiting United Nations Women, and a Toy Drive to Kids in Distress (KID). We also sponsored a Concert in our neighborhood and all proceeds went to Hollywood C.A.R.E.S for Haiti.” said Salomon Mishaan, Founder and CEO.

In addition to OXXO’s renowned innovative and environmental business strategy within the cleaning industry, the company carries out “Care Campaigns” for the local communities in which it operates regularly in an effort to give back, and will continue to do so throughout 2017.

OXXO will “Spread the Love” in February with a Peanut Butter Jelly Drive benefiting The Pantry of Broward. This pantry is a local food bank that serves senior citizens on low fixed incomes and grandparents raising their grandchildren. One of the staple items in the 55-pound box of food that clients receive each month is peanut butter & jelly. Since this is also one of the more expensive items provided, the Pantry is in constant need of ensuring there are enough of these for each box.

Through February 28, 2017, each OXXO customer that brings one jar of peanut butter and another of jelly will receive a 10% discount on their next dry cleaning order. OXXO hopes to collect 500 jars of peanut butter and 500 of jelly to deliver to the Pantry during the first week of March.

“My philosophy upon founding the OXXO brand has always been about caring for others. I believe this is the only way to do business. When customers take their clothes to other dry-cleaners that use strong chemicals to clean their clothes, they inhale toxic substances even after the garments are ready. How can that be? We don’t work with traditional industrial steam boilers; we work with independent electric equipment (rather than diesel fuels). We also employ automation (all the clothes get sorted automatically; it requires less space and it’s better for our franchisees.) Customers can pick up their clothes 24 hours a day through an ATM machine that is connected to our main conveyer. We believe in making life safe and easy for our customers and this is how we care. This effort is reflected in our community campaigns as well,” concluded Mishaan.

About OXXO®

OXXO® is an environmentally-responsible dry cleaning franchise in the United States. At OXXO®, customers experience the ultimate in garment care with the use of environmentally safe GreenEarth solvents (no use of Perc (Perclorethelyne) chemicals common at other dry cleaners), the latest 24/7 ATM-style pick up service, the most technologically advanced European manufactured garment care equipment and the traditional method of hand – ironing. All garments are cleaned right the first time and personally inspected by OXXO® garment care specialists to ensure superior handling and meticulous attention to detail. Visit http://www.oxxousa.com (http://trk.cp20.com/click/enmsm-8tp3ye-1vdi28u6/) for more information and the OXXO® nearest you

The horrifying truth behind Traditional Dry Cleaning walls.+

Is the garment-care industry really taking good care of your clothes?

Ever wondered how your clothes are being treated by your drycleaners? Who is pressing your shirts? How safe is the process done on your garments? For you? For their employees? Tag along and discover what’s hidden behind the curtain and sometimes behind concrete walls.

This is going to be a real eye opener.

For starters, traditional dry cleaners have heavy and complex machinery and running pipes all over the location. They use a highly toxic petroleum based chemical called PERC (percloroethylene/tetrachloroethylene) that is dangerous if inhaled and/or touched. Their poorly ventilated facilities have their employees inhaling particles of PERC fumes every time a dry-cleaning cycle is completed. To make things worse, after your clothes are being handed to you, you should let them air out of the bag and let them breathe before they are hanged in the closet. This way, what is left of the chemical will evaporate into the open. Another thing, your traditional drycleaners might not tell you is that after your clothes have been dry cleaned with PERC , they will keep bits of that solvent embedded in them, even after you aired them, making the clothes and your home exposed to a harsh chemical.

Many use the word green/organic very carelessly because of their solvent’s chemical components. Although they aren’t as harsh as PERC  they are still petroleum-based.

Their machinery is very outdated, industrialized and requires steam from an industrial boiler They use large steam pressing machines developed for the garment industry over 70 years ago that expel hot fumes and reduce pressing time and it burns and gives your garments a stiff look and feel. It is a sweatshop; that’s why they choose to keep it behind a wall.

Their tagging methods are old-fashioned; the tags are ruthlessly stapled to your garments without your consideration nor consent to make sure they do not lose them.


Is that how you really want your clothes to be treated?

Why do you trust your delicate garments to someone who is using harsh chemicals on them and hope for the best?

Why are you stepping over dollars to save pennies and endangering your health?

We have the solution of your dry-cleaning problems!

At OXXO Care Cleaners, we don’t hide behind a wall. Entering our store is like entering an exquisite Italian boutique. Our air-conditioned store is inviting, fresh smelling and our courteous and professional staff will welcome you with a smile and will make sure all your needs are taken care of. Also, we are proud to showcase our machines and the entire process to our customers it’s all in plain sight as you enter.

Our processes are simple to understand: Sorting, Spotting/Cleaning and Hand Ironing.

Choosing the best care for your garment.

After a careful, non-invasive and easy to remove tag is placed on your garment, (for individual identification purposes), we proceed to do a thorough separation and sorting of you colored and whites, and your laundry and dry-cleaning . Then, we proceed to take care of those extra special attentions you requested such as alterations, stain removals. Finding and providing the best care for your garments is pivotal at OXXO.

Find, Remove, Clean, Repeat.

Untreated, semi-treated and home-treated stains are always a challenge we are ready to tackle. We recommend our customers to always be honest about their stains and to not (under any circumstance) treat their stains at home. Instead, try to bring it in within 7 days and let us worry about the rest. We specialize in removing any type of stains that has been pre-spotted by the customer or that we find while doing the sorting process. Our cleaning process can be summarized in 4 points:

  • Stains? No problem.
  • Using our safe stain-remover products, we do our best effort to remove every bit of the stain.
  • We proceed to clean the garment according to what’s specified.
  • Did we missed something? Repeat the process.

Creating the perfectly pressed garment: Hand ironing at its finest.

After we have successfully cleaned your clothes, they are ready to receive a final personal touch. Unlike traditional dry cleaners, after your garments are clean, we do not harm your garments by using industrial presses that leave permanent creases sad burn and shortens the life span of your clothes. Instead we retrieve your clothes from our Eco-friendly machine that does not expel any chemicals into the air and we proceed to carefully hand iron your garments to give it a personal touch. Our ironers strive for perfection every time and your clothes are always virtually wrinkle free. Once your garment is perfectly ironed, our experts thoroughly inspect it before hanging it into our 24/7 automated machine.

Your shirts are not pressed with hot plates which burn the buttons, we blow dry them with hot air which prolong the life of the material and leaves your buttons as you brought them.


Next time you go to the drycleaners, look around you; does it look like they are hiding something? Does it look inviting? Does it look new? Does it smell inviting?

If the answer is no, maybe you should consider changing to care cleaning, OXXO CARE CLEANING, because you have had enough of regular dry-cleaning…

Stay in touch to find out what we developed and our competitors just copied it and made it look like theirs.

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